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Trude Fan Fjildsicht

Trude is our beautiful Ster mare. She produces  the most stunning foals. She has had her first ster filly, who was reserve champion three year old at the central mare show in holland in 2015, gaining first premie ster PROVISIONAL KROON at only 3 years old! That filly is by Thorben 466 Double Sport predicate. Trude has had another Thorben filly, Tessa, who was sold to a dressage rider to become her next star.  Trude also has two Barock Pinto offspring, we are excited to see how these younger offspring do at their respective gradings. 


Trude has helped us with our Barock Pinto breeding programme and had a stunning BP colt in May 2020.  That colt Koris fan Fraithwen was graded at the Barock Pinto stallions gradings in Assen in March 2023 and becaime the first ever, and currently the only approved breeding stallion that was bred in the UK. He has now gone to a driving career with  his new owner who has followed him since birth. 


Trude is from Stam 50, one of the best. She has a full damline, Ster, MODEL PREF, STER PREF, STER PREF!! Her sire is Beart 411 Sport Pref, and her damsire is Wicher 334.


Trude is tested negative for Hydrocephalis, Dwarfism and the red gene.




Jade fan de Groenesteegh



Jade is our very special FIRST PREMIE STER mare, she was born 2011 and had first foal Annalise in 2016 with us. Our aim, as with Trude, is to breed the best foals we possibly can to get our mares to preferent status. Jade is by Stendert 447 SPORT. The lineage on Stendert's dam's side is extremely strong and he has arguably one of the best pedigrees of the studbook. Stendert shows scope, regularity and elasticity in all three paces, with the hind leg placed nicely underneath his body. He presents a super outline in walk, trot as well as canter and uses his back in an exemplary fashion.


She is negative for hydrocephalis and dwarfism.


Jades dams sire is Sjaard 320.


Jade has a lovely linear score with 102 and 104 for walk, 104 and 104 for trot, 105 for balance and 104 for elasticity. 


Jade is an excellent mother. `Her first filly Annalise fan Fraithwen is by 2016 WORLD CHAMPION stallion TSJALLE 454 SPORT PREFERENT His list of achievements to date include;

  • Champion showdriving for breeding stallions 2010 
  • Reservechampion of the stallion inspection 2011 
  • Champion showdriving for breeding stallions 2011
  • Reservechampion of the stallion inspection 2013
  • Sport dressage
  • Champion Z dressage Kootwijk 2013
  • Approved on offspring
  • Reservechampion older stallions of the stallion inspection 2015
  • Champion of the breeding stallions 2016
  • Reserve champion older stalliuons 2018

Jade foaled a stunning colt Eelke, also by Tsjalle on 2ND January 2017. He has now joined Annalise in Devon for a dressage career. Both her first two foals achieved Ster status at their adult gradings. 


Jade is also the dam of the 2019 UK SUPREME CHAMPION FRIESIAN, filly Jeldau fan Fraithwen, born in 2019 and champion that same year. Jeldau is by Jehannes 484 sport elite, and at the age of 3 she acheived FIRST PREMIE STER at her first adult grading, and was UK reserve supreme champion 2022. she has also achieved her AA grade ridden IBOP in 2023. 


2021 Reserve UK champion yearling was Jades 4th foal, filly Mirjam Fan Fraitwen sired by Tiede 510 Sport AAA. 




At the 2021 keurings were proud to show all 5 of Jades offspring at the same Keuring (grading). 

Annalise gained her Ster predicate

Eelke Due to injury on the day no Ster (acheieved ster at his second grading uninjured)

Jeldau gained 2nd premie 2 yr old and won her class

Mirjam gained 1st premie 1 year old won her class and won best young stock finally becoming UK Reserve Champion 

Rianne gained 2nd premie foal 



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